QuickLink was initially created to help me in my work as a technical support engineer to easily access problem-solution pair. This script was initially intended for personal use but since I find it so usefull I decided to share it and also since this script was created with the help of scripts written by others who also shared their creation. Quicklink now evolved for a more general CMS application not just for technical support. The information documents are organized in a folder/document tree similar to Windows Explorer and integrates an easy to use WYSIWYG document editor.



  • coming soon (in the meantime please check out the old demo)

Future Plans

  • Add a 'Move document to a different folder' feature.
  • Add a Search function.
  • Integrate a mutli-user login. Users will either be administrators or editors.

For suggestion, comments or bug report please contact me.


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Edit Document Pagee    Image Management Page

New Document Page    Site Appearance Management Page

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